Mavizen, an electric vehicle related company, is developing currently what looks to be a sweet little ride of a limited edition electric motorbike. It is said to be the world’s first production electric supersport bike and will be available in March or April of 2010.

The TTX02, which will only be made in a limited number, will make use of the chassis of another motorbike, effectively making this a kit conversion. It will run off of two electric motors, with the associated battery’s energy capacity in kilowatts-per-hour varying depending upon which one of Mavizen’s three battery packs is used during racing. The bike is technically street legal, though the company says its warranty is limited to motorsport use only.

image via Mavizen
image via Mavizen

One of the most interesting things about this motorbike is that it will be programmable. It ships with a built in web server integrated with the management system and runs off of Linux. The OS is effectively open, with only brakes and throttle, for safety reasons, running on their own systems. Through this OS, one can “log onto it remotely over the web or locally via your PC or phone and have access to all engine parameters and configuration.” It also sports a USB based system, so users can make use of plug-and-play to employ a “virtually unlimited number of peripherals to extend the capabilities of the machine.”

Mavizen TTX02 [via Gas 2.0]

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