World’s Most Affordable Solar Light Bulb

Nokero International, LLC today announced the launch of an ultra-efficient solar light bulb, the N182, which maximizes brightness and minimizes retail cost. At twice the brightness of the previous N180 model, Nokero’s latest design utilizes the highest efficacy LED, a radically redesigned circuit board, and a cost-effective solar panel.

Nokero’s launch of the N182 solar light bulb coincides with the four-year anniversary of the company, a celebration of Colorado Companies to Watch, and the Colorado Energy Expo. The product is now available to the public, after being showcased this month by LED partner Seoul Semiconductor at the world’s largest commercial lighting tradeshow, and by emerging thought leaders at the Sustainable Brands Conference. Together, Nokero and Seoul Semiconductor demonstrate that LEDs do not just provide light, but will actually change the world through an ultra-affordable product that can provide light for the 1.3 billion people without electricity.

Nokero’s CEO, Steve Katsaros, says: “The ultra-efficient Seoul Semiconductor mid-power 5630 LED is a game-changer for our solar light bulb. Every 5% of improved efficacy means either 5% longer run time or a 5% increase in brightness, which in turn enables products like the Nokero solar light bulbs to change lives at the base of the economic pyramid.”

The N182 is an improvement upon the previous N180 model due to the higher quality LED, and also due to the smaller size to enable portability. After receiving feedback from users, Nokero agreed to increase the brightness and reduce the size for the newest line of lights. The N182 is now pocket-sized so that it may be used as a hanging light, a standing task light, or a personal flashlight. The PCB and on/off switch are now inside the light’s globe to save production costs and enable a more affordable, higher quality product for consumers. The N182 light is the brightest and most affordable of its kind and was designed for the base of the pyramid as the perfect alternative to kerosene lamps, but the versatility of the light allows it to be enjoyed worldwide by a community of people who utilize off-grid and sustainable solutions.

Similar to Nokero’s existing product line, the N182 incorporates the familiar light bulb shape due to popularity and consistency. The patented designs emphasize ease of use and efficient energy conversion with powerful solar panels and efficient LEDs. Moving forward, the N182 will replace the N180 among Nokero’s product line. To purchase a sample of the N182 solar light bulb, visit

About Nokero

Nokero International Ltd. lights the way to a better quality of life and economic opportunity for those without electricity. Nokero’s name originates from the phrase ‘No Kerosene’ – evoking its mission to replace this harmful and polluting fuel with safer, environmentally friendly solar light solutions. Founded in 2010 by inventor and CEO Steve Katsaros, Nokero is a privately held company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA with offices in Hong Kong and Kenya. Today, Nokero has distributed over 1,000,000 solar light bulbs to more than 120 countries.

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  • Reply July 18, 2014

    Nat Turner

    July saw the launch of,
    Another great and practicable invention out of Africa this year,
    The Solar powered light,
    coming just a few months after Ghana’s Etic Group invention of
    the Atmospheric Water Generator,
    the Ugandan Onelamp is an application which is pertinent to and
    in the price range of ordinary folk.
    Though the Onelamp is aimed at the 7:5 million Ugandan schoolers,
    it’s market lies throughout Africa and across the globe wherever issues of poverty and infrastructure affect matters of lighting.
    Being able to gain 8 hours light at a time is a great asset of the Onelamp.
    Onelamp’s nobility is enhanced in that it takes people away from using dangerous, dirty and polluting kerosene,
    Kerosene “fumes kill an estimated 1.5 million women and children in Africa
    every year more than half of them below the age of five”,
    solar power is renewable and non pollutive.
    We should all where possible help in the promotion of this product.

    Onelamp is contactable through
    Regional Office: Plot 53 Lubas Road, Jinja, Uganda
    Telephone: +256 – 434 660 875

    Etic Group’s Atmospheric Water Generator,
    Extracts water out of the air by way of a condenser,
    through a process called reverse osmosis.

    A larger copy of the picture –*m71BtVVt8KZDu1HILDPj5em-mhnWnr1omPZq6bXtus-mx*biUkqE*EBDKplfyVbIPMMHid8tzATduu9peo0F/Onelamp.jpg
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