Riide Electric Bicycle A New Spin On E-Bike Tech

An electric bicycle that’s rather innovative and up on popular crowdfunding source site Kickstarter looks like it will be a go after meeting its funding goal long before the expiration of its effort to raise capital. Given what the new Riide is capable of, this isn’t that surprising at all.

image via Riide

image via Riide

The Riide electric bike was designed to be an evolution of your typical electric bike that’s very expensive, has a short range and isn’t built that well. There are a variety of key features we’ll break down for you by bullet point to showcase this innovation:

  • electric only speed up to 20 miles per hour
  • 25 mile electric range
  • built-in smartphone mount for GPS use
  • a lightweight frame said to be up to 40 percent lighter than other electric bikes
  • a lithium ion battery and controller built into the frame
  • 160 mm disc brakes
  • regenerative braking to return energy to the battery
  • charges up fully into two to three hours and can be plugged into a wall outlet
  • 350 watts nominal power/600 watts peak power
  • twist throttle control

In terms of price and availability, the Riide is expected to be available in May at a price of nearly $1,800.

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  • Reply January 16, 2014


    Sounds promising. I’d be interested in buying one. I like the idea that it’s lighter, nice extensive distance (for commuters and leisure alike), decent charge time and the disc brakes. Where do I pay?

  • Reply January 16, 2014


    Hi Ted,

    Thanks so much for your interest and kind words! We are currently live on Kickstarter and you can purchase one today.

    Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/riide/riide-the-bike-has-evolved-lighter-faster-electric

    If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!


    Jeff + Amber
    Co-founders of Riide

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