Greyp G12 Not Just Your Average Electric Bicycle

Remember Rimac Automobil from mid-last year? The guys behind the nearly $1 million Rimac Concept One electric sports car? Now they’ve got their eye on the upper end of the electric bike market, debuting this month the Greyp G12. It won’t set you back the cost of a small mansion, but at pricing reported to be around 6,000 euros (about $7,900) for dealers, according to Engadget, it damm well ain’t cheap for an electric bicycle either.

The Greyp G12, according to Rimac, does have some rather amazing technical specifications. With a top speed of 65 km/h (40 MPH) and a range of up to 120 km (74.5 miles) without pedaling, it is geared towards an audience that wants to go long distances without putting in much sweat equity (you can, if you want, pedal as well). It charges up fast too, via a specially built lithium battery pack, juicing to 100 percent from 0 in just 80 minutes when plugged into a 220v outlet.

image via Rimac Automobil

image via Rimac Automobil

There’s an array of impressive features on the G12, including fingerprint activation to start the bike; a special street mode to help you comply with speed and power regulations for road vehicles; a five-inch full color display that offers up a bounty of information such as riding range, efficiency, speed, battery charge and more; regenerative braking to return energy to the batteries; and rugged body construction for off road riding.

With every high end electric vehicle option like this, there is usually a story behind it. In the case of this electric bike, the idea came to life when

Zvonimir Sučić, a well-known designer of high-performance electric bicycles and motorcycles, joined Rimac Automobili as a mechanical engineer in 2010. Zvonimir developed and built electric bikes since 2001. in his garage with the help of a couple of friends as a hobby. His first production-bike, the Greyborg, was delivered to 27 countries but still remained an after-work hobby for Zvonimir. Mate Rimac liked Zvonimir’s creations, but he didn’t like the technology under the skin so he decided to design a bike after his standards and present the idea to Adriano – the man that designed the Concept_One. With the help od 6 Rimac Automobili engineers Zvonimir, Mate and Adriano started to design the first Greyp from ground up – this was the 12th bike in Zvonimir’s bike- designer career. The G12.

Those wanting to become a “dealer” of these should be able to do so starting in October for early adopters, with final production units ready some time early next year.

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