Help LuminAID Give Solar Lamps With ‘Likes for Lights’ Campaign

A few years ago, EarthTechling reported on LuminAID Labs, makers of an ingenious, inflatable, solar-powered LED light that hoped to share their invention with the millions in developing nations who don’t enjoy reliable electricity.

Designed by Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta, graduates of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, the light folds flat for easy packing, or inflates to produce a quality of light similar to a lantern. The lamp can provide five hours of light after only 6 hours exposure to the sun. Now, LuminAID Labs has launched a social media campaign that allows Facebook fans to help distribute even more of these life-changing lamps to those in need.

LuminAid solar lamp

Image via LuminAID

The “Likes for Lights” campaign will run through August, 2013. For every 10 new “likes” on the LuminAID Facebook page, one LuminAID light will be donated to a partner organization, to be distributed to families in need.

LuminAID is partnering with Responsible Charity, Solar Sister, Pencils of Promise, Operation Outreach Afghanistan, Ubushobozi, and the Nepali Children’s Education Project. Each organization will be featured on certain days of the campaign, with daily “likes” corresponding to the number of lights they receive. The goal is to reach 10,000 likes, or 1,000 donated lights.

In May, LuminAID Labs won the first place prize of $100k in the 2013 Midwest Clean Energy Challenge. Also in May, Stork and Sreshta and Columbia University entered into an exclusive license agreement for two patents that cover inflatable solar powered lighting units.

“LuminAID is excited to commercialize new products and applications of the inflatable solar light technology, and will work to make this technology accessible to victims of disaster and crises, and those who lack access to energy around the world” said Andrea Sreshta, co-founder of LuminAID Lab, in a press release. “We look forward to growing our company with the resources, knowledge and support of Columbia University and Columbia Tech Ventures.”

Help them achieve their goal by liking their Facebook page!

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