SunRocket Thermos Uses Solar To Heat Your Water While On Go

From the why didn’t I invent this department – a portable hot water kettle and thermos which heats and boils water using solar power. Simple, to the point and nice for camping, the solar thermal SunRocket will set you back around $60.

Looking mostly like a typical thermos you’d carry your coffee in for your shift at the construction site or when you are fishing the early hours on a weekend day, the SunRocket combines what’s described by its developer as “a Vycor glass vacuum tube with reflective panels to concentrate solar energy.” These panels are built directly into the kettle, designed to be opened as you lay the gadget on its side via an also built-in stand. You monitor the temperature until it hits your desired value before closing it up to conserve the captured heat for hours.

image via SunRocket

image via SunRocket

The Sunrocket holds around 500 ml (17 oz) of liquid and is said to be able to heat its contents in as a little as half-an-hour, even reportedly in cold weather conditions, light clouds or haze. Possible uses for heating water in it include for drinking, washing, cooking, rehydrating foods, melting snow or pasteurization.

Other features on this gizmo include steam release during the heating process, a weather/scratch resistant casing, screw lid and what’s called a sturdy base.

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