Magma Solar Charger Has Social Elements To It

Duniah, a clean tech gadget start up focused upon developing portable energy solutions, has spent the past nine months and nearly $50,000 in personal funds developing the design and engineering behind a new solar charger. Dubbed the Magma, the team behind it has now turned to Kickstarter to help finish bringing it to market.

Magma, which comes across visually with a tablet style look hosting solar paneling on its front face, actually comes in two flavors. The mini version, according to Duniah, sports a a 2,000+ mAh battery and 3W+ solar panel, along with a micro-USB Input to charge its internal battery when there’s no sun, that can reportedly charge an iPhone. The Pro version, meanwhile, offers up a 5,000+ mAh high-capacity battery and 5W+ solar panel said to be enough to charge iPads and Android tablets.

Duniah Magma

image via Duniah

Both designs feature a durable exterior casing made from aerospace-grade aluminum that, along with how the solar cell and battery are integrated, keeps the Magmas lightweight and easy to carry. And, in an interesting social sharing experiment, Duniah said when one connects a USB device that the solar charger will record energy usage and that you can “then view your usage, and even share this data on Facebook.” How it does this isn’t clearly explained though, and the start up seems to indicate from its Kickstarter campaign that this will be a a future feature after software has been developed.

The designed in the USA Magma, which will likely include a more affordable version built for developing countries, looks like it will price at around $100 for the mini and $150 for the Pro. Both look like they should be completed by September, and those which do some of the special tiered Kickstarter pledge levels will be among the first to get them at discounted prices.

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