Battery-Free Turn Signal For Bikes A Bright Idea

Bike commuting is an easy, affordable way to get in shape and shrink your carbon footprint. Because roadways are still dominated by cars and trucks, however, cyclists must go the extra mile to ensure visibility and safety. Those cycling at night face an even bigger challenge, since even active head and tail lights can’t warn vehicles of an upcoming turn, and hand signals are nearly impossible to see after sunset.

Uon Lights are a new concept in that aims to reduce the danger of night cycling in urban areas. These battery-free luminaries attach to the bike’s handle bars and allow cyclists to indicate turns in a manner that is easily understood by vehicle drivers.

uon bike signal lights

Image via Uon Lights

Designed by Singapore-based Tan Yong Kuan and Malvina Fransisca Wijaya, the lights are designed to encourage cycling as an eco-friendly mode of transportion and reduce the ecological footprint of using disposable batteries, reports Inhabitat.

Uon Lights attach to bike via a small plug that fits into the end of the handlebar tube. The lights themselves attach to this plug magnetically, making it easy to remove the lights when you arrive at your destination, so they don’t get stolen or damaged by the elements.

Once installed, the lights can hold a solid color, flash, or remain dark. A simple tap or press of the lever illuminates a flashing yellow light, very similar to a car’s blinker. Simply touch the Uon Light that’s on the side you’ll be turning, and change directions safely.

A prototype Uon Light is demonstrated in the video below, but the team is currently gathering funding on Indiegogo to bring it into mass production. Find out how you can snag one here.

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