New Electric Bicycles Introduced From Flight USA

The diversity of electric bikes, much like that of automobiles, can be great. Not too long after BMW announced it would be releasing a limited number of rather expensive Cruise e-Bikes in Germany, Flight Bikes USA has released at the other end of the scale two new models of aluminum bicycles for more off-road style riding.

The new models, the Flight ECB-26L-A and ECB-26L-B are, for the most part, identical. The only real thing distinguishing between the two are a single shock fork focus for the -A and a double shock fork for the -B, the latter of which is a little more geared towards city riding as well.

Flight bikes

Flight electric bikes (image via Flight USA)

Both electric bikes sport a 250w brushless electric motor and lithium li-ion battery which keeps one going for up to 35 miles on a quick charge. These are pedal assist style systems, meaning the intelligent design of the technology offers up that little something extra to help get you up that steep hill. Three different riding modes can be toggled between from a control panel located on the handlebar. These include:

  • ECO mode – Power saving mode, the driving range is about 35 miles (55 km)
  • NORMAL mode – General mode, the driving range is about 27 miles (45 km)
  • SPORT mode – Labor saving mode, the driving range is about 20 miles (35 km)

Like other electric bikes, true riding range is also influenced by things like load weight, riding method and environmental factors, according to Flight. Maximum speed is around 15 MPH.

Other features common to the Flight bikes include a weight of around 42 pounds, an adjustable handlebar, internal gear hubs and a roller brake, front disc brakes and a handlebar gear shifter. All pretty common additions. As for price there was no mention of cost. The BMW model prices around $3360, and we can’t imagine the ones from Flight will even come close to that.

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