‘Aurora’ Dress Glows With 10,000 Embroidered LEDs

Has anyone ever told you that you “light up a room”? If not, just try wearing CuteCircuit’s ‘Aurora’ dress to the next cocktail party. The London-based designer recently debuted a one of a kind gown embroidered with 10,000 multi-colored LEDs.

CuteCircuit is one of  the first companies in the world to specialize in the creation of emotional experiences through wearable technology. Drawing on inspiration from the Roman Goddess, Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights), the dress was designed for an opera singer and it made its debut at a Breitling event where the audience was totally captivated by its hypnotic glow.

aurora dress

Image via CuteCircuit

We’ve featured lots of wearable technology in the past, and while some of the garments are fun in theory, many look like they’d be downright uncomfortable in practice. But not the Aurora dress. Made from silk taffeta and chiffon, and designed with a daring plunging neckline adorned with hundreds of Svarovski crystals, this unique evening gown creates a stunningly elegant silhouette. Thousands of LEDs woven into the dress create many different light patterns, from sparkly colors to an incredible fall of rainbow.

Aurora Dress

Image via CuteCircuit

“Other pieces in CuteCircuit’s bespoke line include a bedazzled gown for Katy Perry and an LED-embellished frock that Tweets, and a little black dress that doubles as a cellphone,” Ecouterre reports.

All of the label’s garments are designed in London and manufactured in the United Kingdom, United States, or Italy using 100 percent Restriction of Hazardous Substances-compliant technology and Oeko-Tex-certified textiles.

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