Sleek Powerkiss LED Lamp Also A Wireless Charger

I use my phone as an alarm clock, so turning it off at bedtime isn’t an option unless it’s Friday night. This means I’m usually searching for a charger, and fumbling behind the night stand to plug it in so my phone can be alive and within reach come morning. This minimalist LED lamp appears to be the solution to my power outlet woes.

The joint effort of two Finnish companies, Tunto and Powerkiss, and winner of numerous design awards, this sleek table top lamp not only provides the perfect amount of energy-efficient light for a bedside table, but also includes wireless charging technology built into the base.

Tunto, Powerkiss, LED

Image via Tunto

Even thought it’s quite technologically sophisticated, the 9-LED lamp sings with the beauty of natural wood. The design features a hidden touch-sensitive switch that allows the user to experience true feel of the material and finishing each time the lamp is illuminated. With the help of PowerKiss, the same surface can now be used for charging mobile devices in a convenient, wire-free way.

As BlessThisStuff explains, “To wirelessly charge any piece of technology simply connect the little ring adapter and place it on the base! The lamp is touch-sensitive, it has sensors for power and adjusting light intensity.”

Tunto, Powerkiss, LED

Image via Tunto

With this beautifully designed furnishing, you can have ample light for reading or a little late night web-surfing. Then, when it’s time to tuck in, simply lay your phone or tablet down on the stand and know that it will be charged and ready to go in the morning. The only thing that’s not completely sweet about this lamp is the price, which is about $1,300 USD.

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  • Reply March 7, 2013

    Emma Harris

    Wow, this is some revolutionary creation. I find wires too cumbersome so I think this will be great for me (as well as for people who share the same sentiments as I do). But if functionality is what you are after, it would be great to not only have a lamp with a charger, but with speakers as well. This is one great pick It’s great for iPads, too!

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