A Color-Changing LED Lantern You Control With A Touch

We haven’t even hit the halfway mark of winter in Colorado, and I’m already dreaming of summer. Lazy days full of warm sunshine and balmy nights reading on the porch… If you too are dreaming of a season without snow to shovel or cold winds to endure, here’s a gadget that will warm your bones: The Mathmos Bump is an adorable LED lantern that actually wants you to thump it on the head.

Looking sort of like a cross between a honey pot and a beehive, the lamp would be the perfect addition to your arsenal of outdoor gear. LED lanterns last far longer than their incandescent counterparts, and this one has the added benefit of mood-setting colors!

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Image via Mathmos

Lots of LEDs cost considerably more than conventional lamps, so the thought of letting your kids play with them is probably worrisome. Unlike those fragile light fixtures, the Bump is built to be knocked around a little bit. The lamp features four light settings including bright, dim, color faze, and off. Switching from one setting to another is requires just a simple tap on the top or bump at the bottom part of the lamp, making it the perfect lantern for a young family.

When it grows dim, the Bump lamp can be recharged through a wireless charging platform that comes included. The outer shell is splash proof, so you can feel safe using it on the crowded picnic table or near the pool. On sale for $87.

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