Finally! An LED To Replace The 100W Incandescent Bulb

By now, you’ve likely heard that the U.S. government is trying to phase-out of inefficient incandescent light bulbs. What you might not know is that after October 2012, the 100 watt incandescent bulb will cease to be manufactured. As one of the brightest and most popular bulbs, this is likely to be a surprise to those who haven’t yet tried LEDs or CFLs. Even more worrisome is that up until recently, there were no energy-efficient equivalents with which to replace it.

CFLs are notoriously dim and LEDs have been slowly working their way up the wattage scale. Now, we’re happy to report that a bonafied substitute for the 100W incandescent light bulb has finally arrived. Sylvania today announced the release of the new ULTRA LED omnidirectional A21 bulb. The A21 is the LED equivalent of an 100 watt traditional light bulb, yet consumes only 20-watts of electricity saving a bundle of energy and money over its long lifetime.

Sylvania A21 LED 100w bulb

Image via Sylvania

The new A21 bulb rounds out Sylvania’s existing line of LED lamps and lighting solutions, which already includes true substitutes for 40, 60, and 75 incandescents. According to the company, the A21 lamp produces 1600 lumens  of light, has a 2700k color temp, an 80 CRI, and lasts 25,000 hours (25x longer than traditional light sources). With all these features combined, the ULTRA LED omnidirectional A-Line bulbs provide up to 80 percent energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs, saving consumers approximately $220 over its life time.

And, if you’re worried that switching to such an LED might ruin the ambiance of your favorite room, you’ll be please to know that the LED A-Line bulb features a high color rendering index (CRI) of 80 and a 2700K warm white color temperature that’s said to rival incandescent and halogen lights. Additionally, all of the A-line LED bulbs are free of mercury and lead, and are dimmable to 10 percent.

 Available online and at national retailers starting at around $50

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