Polaris Adds Electric Bicycles To Its Vehicle Line Up

Polaris, a company known for its off-road vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles, recently unveiled [PDF] it is also getting into electric bicycles. This isn’t its first foray into electric vehicles though, as we’ve noted in the past things like its all-electric off-road Ranger.

The new line of Polaris electric bikes, as first reported over at Gizmag, is being done in conjunction with e-bike drive system provider EVantage. Three lines and seven models in total will be offered, focused on riding needs ranging from trail bikes to urban commuter models. They will price for around $2,500.

Polaris Electric Bike

image via Polaris

In general the new electric Polaris bikes will feature what’s described as “proprietary technology” in their motor, battery and controller systems. These technologies will do things like let the motor use both speed and high torque in two modes, automatically switching between configurations depending upon the terrain. There’s also an energy recovery system that helps return power to the bike’s battery through either regenerative braking or when one is going above 20 MPH.

A special on-board display provides a variety of rider information, including speed, trip distance, battery range, odometer and a “carbon footprint readout.” One can also control how much electric assistance the bike offers as well as the LED safety lighting from the dash as well.

Polaris notes that these bikes feature both power on demand (through the use of a throttle) and pedal assistance, whereby the motor provides power assist during pedaling. This latter mode will match or exceed the rider’s pedal power to give them what’s said to be the necessary assistance in riding.

Range of the battery powering these electric bikes is said to be up to 30 miles in pedal assist mode, with a variety of factors playing into the actual miles one can go. Top speed is said to be around 18 miles per hour.

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