An Electric Bike That Dreams Of Being A Stylish Scooter

Electric bicycles look like, well, bikes. That can be good or bad, depending upon your viewpoint of this mode of transportation. What though if your electric bike could look more like a cool scooter? That’s the idea behind the Jetson E-Bike, recently reported on over at Inhabitat.

The Jetson E-Bike, because it is technically classified as a bike, needs no license or registration for riding, according to its maker. While designed to mimic an electric bike, it certainly isn’t as light as one though, coming in at a hefty 125 pounds. Still, for a vehicle with a top speed of 20 miles per hour, a range of around 40 miles and a charge time said to be between four and five hours via your standard home power outlet, it seems to be a pretty nice ride regardless of how heavy it is.

Jetson E-Bike

image via Jetson

Capable of holding up to two individuals, the Jetson is propelled by a 500 watt, brushless electric motor powered by 48 volts of lithium battery energy. The battery can be removed to be recharged, which is a nice touch for those lacking an electric outlet near where the electric bike would be parked.

For those wanting to go old school, the option exists to pedal the Jetson E-Bike, which is said to have the added bonus of also recharging the battery. What’s described as a heavy duty disc brake system helps to slow the bike down more quickly if you choose to try out the top speed this ride is said to offer.

A multi-functional LCD display offers up information on key data points for the rider, including current speed, how much power is left in the battery and if lights or blinkers are on.

Other features of note on the Jetson E-Bike include an easy start mode, built-in front and rear locking apparatus, a seat lock and a form factor said to be skinny enough to fit into a bike rack. It is available in an array of colors.

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  • Reply October 9, 2012

    Philip Sousa Sr.

    I never thought that America would buy into the e-bike looking and mimicking a bike and being sold at bike stores!
    I am also confused by the argument to be light weight. The weight of something always meant substance to the consumer in the USA.
    This e-bike has raised the bar to a new starting point, they know the American market wants and desires! Great looks, great suspension and ride, doesn’t look like a bike, you can take a friend with you, and most of all “I have something you don’t have” mentality that has motivated the USA market all through the development of transportation!

  • Reply February 11, 2013


    How do we know this company is credible? Will they be here tomorrow?

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