Stunning Reusable Water Bottle Features Biochar Filter

I like products that let me watch how they work. It’s just like watching an ant farm as a kid: something about taking a peek at the inside operation is both mesmerizing and educational. That’s why the new ‘eau good’ water bottle from London-based designers black + blum caught my eye.

In place of a complicated filtration system in the cap, the eau good water bottle simply features a stick of binchotan active charcoal, a material that has been used to purify water since 17th century Japan. The natural filter is said to reduce chlorine, mineralize the water and balance the pH.


Image via Black+Blum

According to DesignBloom, the biochar acts as a lock-in-place water filter. This ancient Japanese-style charcoal is made from wood that is sustainably sourced and fired inside a kiln for a long time at a low temperature. When it reaches 1,000 degrees celsius, the charred specimens coated with an earthen powder of sand and ash, turning them immediately white. The combined heating and rapid cooling process removes any remaining bark from the objects to reveal  a smooth surface and hard composition.

The binchotan charcoal is incredibly porous, and because it’s an active carbon, full of ions that attract and hold contaminants to its surface. According to B+B, it’s also able to release minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water which enhances its taste and health benefits.

Everything about this bottle is elegant and efficient. My only complaint is that instead of making it with glass, Black + Blum chose to form the bottle from Tritan, a controversial BPA-free plastic. Available in a variety of colors starting at $20.

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    These types of filters are alright if you are on the go, but do not protect you from heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and others. For on the go function, these are great to ensure you aren’t ingesting chlorine, but for other impurities and for the home, a reverse osmosis system is a must. These systems remove up to 99.99% of everything in your water to ensure you get nothing but pure water.

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