Smart Car & Camper Combined To Create Super Efficient RV

As a former full-time RVer, I can tell you that when living on the road, it’s difficult to balance efficiency and convenience. When planning our nomadic experiment, we decided to ignore those who told us we should tow a small car behind our mobile home. We just couldn’t justify the extra fuel it would take to haul a vehicle behind our rolling house. It wasn’t too long into the trip before we began to question this decision however.

Anyone who has traveled in an RV knows that they’re not the most nimble of vehicles. Plus, once you’re all set up in a campsite, it’s pure agony to batten down all the necessary hatches so you can drive into town for water or toilet paper. It would have been so nice to have a separate car to use for these small trips. An RV with the morphing abilities of the Colim Caravan would have been even better.

Colim camper RV concept

Image via Christian Susana

The brain child of German designer Christian Susana, the Colim (Colors of Life in Motion) camper is the perfect example of an intelligent mobile home. The outer appearance is very simple yet aerodynamic. It may not have all the bells and whistles of today’s monstrous diesel RVs, but it makes up for that with one significant amenity: the front part of the cockpit is actually a separate vehicle, and can be detached for fuel-efficient exploration while the rest of the motorhome stays behind.

Colim camper RV concept 2

Image via Christian Susana

The detachable vehicle seats two people, and bears a stricking resemblance to the tiny smart cars you may have seen cruising around town. According to Susana, the Colim’s trailer sleeps four people and the combined vehicle a top speed of 90mph (FYI: that blows most RVs out of the water). For now, the Colim is only a concept, but Susana says he’s shopping around for a firm that would be willing to manufacture it.

Beth Buczynski is a freelancer writer and editor currently living in the Rocky Mountain West. Her articles appear on Care2, Ecosalon and Inhabitat, just to name a few. So far, Beth has lived in or near three major U.S. mountain ranges, and is passionate about protecting the important ecosystems they represent. Follow Beth on Twitter as @ecosphericblog

    • A well-wisher

      Which dealership? What is the MSRP? Hmm looks like it is a lego piece at  this time 🙁

      • WatchDoggy

        Cute ( : )(

    • I want one

    • Larry Pointer

      There’s no way that would work. The rear tires on the back of the car itself would slide sideways when you turn a corner, since the car is in a fixed position to the trailer instead of a pivot point. Come on, German engineers are smarter than that.

      • Dpward2002

         Obviously, you did not click on the link, or you would know why this is not a problem.

    • Vickieoleary

      I want one I’ll advertise for you if you give me one.

    • Ravenfireinc

      i need one of theese

    • bobfairlane

      I saw a small aero trailer that was pulled by a 60’s VW Beetle. The beetle had a bracket and tow ball on the roof, and the trailer attached so the car could turn 360* around under the trailer. 

    • Design stolen from Rodimus Prime!

    • Mefulcher

      What else does the camper part have in it? Bathroom?TV?  How many miles per gallon?

    • Pfiddle

      As a RV-believer and one who travels the tiny roads of Ireland – THIS is I feel, the way to go. It’s the next stet up from a caravan and yet utilises the advantages of the separate yet joined areas of the car/rv. Yep I’d see me buy one of these.

    • The concept is relly not new.  Just miniaturized   It’s called a 5th wheel rig.

      • hotcoffee4me2

        I must have a truck to pull the goose neck (5th wheel). Not exactly the same thing.

    • auntie m


    • I would certainly consider one of these and I never owe vehicles that you don’t pedal or paddle.

    • jody

      Reminds me of “Star Treks” Enterpise. you know how the saucer separates from the command center.

    • jody

      I would buy one of these in a NY minute if it has a bathroom/shower.

    • my dad thought of this concept years ago.go on Facebook and look under his pictures under the folder “ryan” his name is Ryan Davis.

    • Patrick Jerome

      That is a MOTORHOME not a mobile home.

    • Kevin Boyle

      What’s with all the wasted space at the front of the small vehicle?

      • Kevin Boyle

        It’s like driving from the back seat.

    • Samuel Burdge

      looks pretty dumb

    • Lori

      There are millions of things that we’ve all “thought of” over and over. I’ve thought of lots of well known products before they came out.
      The thing is, whether or not we acted on it, worked with designers and engineers, and actually built it.

      Who cares if you, your dad, your neighbor, or the guy that works at McDonald’s, thought of something first, if they didn’t act on it!!

    • Unlicensed Dremel

      It’s not even real – it’s a toy. So this designer didn’t do anything except make a fantasy tiny mockup. I can make a toy too.

    • CalvinOliver

      Wow this looks great, I bet this will help to further increase motorhome sales.

    • Brent

      All I want to know is WHEN and HOW MUCH…..

    • Darline Frazier

      I want one. I hope someone will latch onto it. I would defiantly buy one.

      • Approved.


        Jason M Ridge
        Managing Director + Owner
        c: 503.260.6875

    • GregP507

      It doesn’t look steerable.

    • Alena Radtke Gabriel

      I would like to purchase one. I have a smart car now and camp packing with a tent etc. Really would love this RV with smart car! Please keep me informed

    • Wow that is ridiculous.

      We just drove and camped with a Smart Car Fortwo in Death Valley –

      It was tight to pack the vehicle with the items we needed to camp, but there’s just enough to sit in the front and stuff a couple sleeping bags, a tent, some blankets, pillows, and a couple schoolbags of items in the back.

      It held well enough on the paved roads.

    • Kirsten Durward

      how do we convince a manufacturer there is a market for this? I want one!