5 Solar-Powered Devices To Help You Survive The Heatwave

Ugh, it doesn’t matter where in the United States you live, chances are you’ve been experiencing hot, hot, and more hot weather. Climate change is driving drought and extreme heat in areas that are usually temperate, and creating the perfect conditions for wildfires that are currently scorching the American West. On the East Coast, powerful storms have left millions without power for days, which means no air conditioning, no fans, and worst of all, no ice cubes.

If you’ve been sweating it out the past week or so, or are just looking for energy efficient ways to keep your home cooler without necessarily relying on traditional sources of electricity, we’ve got some good news: there are green gadgets that can help! On the following pages you’ll find five different devices that are designed specifically to help you beat the heat.  Tell us if you know of one we missed!

Blight: Illuminating Solar Blinds

Blight Blinds

Image via Vincent Gerkens/Core77

At first something called “Blight” might not sound like something to hand in the window, but when you realize the gadget’s name simply comes from a combination of “blind” and “light” it starts to make more sense. These cleverly designed Venetian blinds combine flexible solar cells with electroluminescent foil to create a window shade that will protect you from the searing sun during the day, and then repurpose that energy into light at night.

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    Green Buildings

    The Blight blinds could save a tremendous amount in air conditioning if used in a commercial office space. What a wonderful idea to save on energy all the while blocking that sun from your computer screen.

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    Ario Johnson

    Thanks for sharing the important steps about silver vertical blinds . I really enjoyed your writing. Really the collection of photos are showing your ability and uniqueness.

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