4 Plant-Based Designs That Reinvent The Indoor Garden

3. Living Bathmat by La Chanh Nguyen

planted bathmat

Image via La Chanh Nguyen/Coroflot

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to have your own woodland oasis, complete with secluded outdoor shower, this design from Swiss designer La Chanh Nguyen could be the next best thing. Instead of stepping out of the shower onto a ho-hum rubber-backed carpet, think how awesome it would feel to sink your freshly-washed toes into a natural rug of living moss! The planted bathmat uses a decay-free foam (plastazote) as a growing surface for several different varieties of moss. According to Nyguen, not much maintenance is required, so long as you shower everyday, and use a biodegradable soap (or make sure no soap residue follows you onto the moss).

4. Extraordinary Greens by Jenna Spevack

"Eight Extraordinary Greens" exhibition by Jenna Spivack

Image vi Jenna Spevack/Mixed Greens

Love the idea of a table that grows food but wish you could extend it to your entire living room? Artist Jenna Spevack knows how you feel. She recently debuted 8 Extraordinary Greens, a solo-art installation that aims to provide healthy greens to extraordinary people with ordinary incomes. As Crisp Green reports, “the exhibition showcases efficient, sub-irrigated systems for growing microgreens, that have been built into everyday objects and furniture. The modified household objects are fitted with lights, providing necessary light for the plants but also creating a sense of spotlighting the greens similar to an art object lit within a gallery.”

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    Anthony Brown

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  • Reply September 5, 2012


    These are really interesting pieces of furniture! I never knew that someone could use standard pieces of furniture, and modify them such that they can hold plants or even a bed of flowers. The only problem I see if that you need to turn on the lights in order for the plants to grow, and that could raise electricity bills.

    • Reply September 6, 2012


      That’s true Derek..when artificial lights are used, energy consumption could be an issue. Of course, incorporating a solar panel, or simply designing them to be used outside in full sunshine could reduce this.

  • Reply February 6, 2013

    Brian Fest

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