Artistic LED Light Fixtures Mimic Natural Sunshine

Electric light bulbs were a game-changing invention. Prior to their development, humans depended on glorified candles to provide indoor illumination, or else the day simply ended when the sun went down. Although incandescent light bulbs allowed us to extend the day, both for work and leisure, they’ve always been a poor substitute for the eye-pleasing light of the sun.

Desperate to feel the sun on his face, even Earth’s orbit made it logistically impossible, Quebec-based designer Philippe Malouin decided to create an artificial solution. Malouin’s resulting “Daylight” series may look like someone nailed ordinary window shutters to the wall, but it’s what’s behind the shutters that really demonstrates their brilliance.


Image via W Hotels

The slats of each “Daylight” fixture are lined in LED light bulbs. When illuminated, the glow is more like sunshine than the standard office fluorescence. The overall effect is exactly as if sunlight were shining on a closed window, just begging to be let into the room. The intensity of the light can be adjusted by moving the shutters by hand.

Malouin came up with the design as an entry for this year’s W Hotels Designers of the Future competition. The award, now in its third year, is not only a way to showcase promising young designers who are early in their careers, but also a way for W Hotels to find unique furniture for its properties. Malouin interpreted the theme, “From Spark to Finish” by creating a play on light that impressed the judges. His creation was one of three to receive top honors in the contest. And imagining the sun when it might actually be dark or raining isn’t the only genius of this design.

As this review points out, Malouin purposefully fashioned the edges of these energy efficient lights to fit together like Chinese Tangrams, giving you the tools to build a custom kaleidoscope onto your wall.


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