Solar Kit Promises To Flex To Fit Your Roof

Going solar is a big decision. Solar panels have come down in price, but that’s doesn’t mean they’re cheap. Plus, they can alter the shape and value of a building, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Unfortunately, many solar installation companies are used to taking the same approach with every client, whether it’s residential or commercial, and asking for a customized array could mean an even bigger price tag.

Siliken, an energy innovation company based in Spain, hopes its energyBox photovoltaic kit will help property owners see how easy it can be to customize a solar array to fit their own unique power needs. The product launched to U.K. markets at the recent Ecobuild Fair in London.


image via Siliken

So what makes the energyBox different from the various other “home solar in a box” kits that recently entered the market? According to Siliken, the energyBox provides installers with a choice of over 100 structure solutions that can adapt to any type of residential or industrial rooftop.  Also the kit is scalable, making it easy to account for any rooftop size by simply connecting several energyBoxes together.

Each energyBox includes all of the necessary components for any residential or industrial rooftop PV installation, from modules, to inverters and electrical components (AC/DC connection boxes, counter, cables and connectors). The company says all the elements are selected carefully and optimized so that they can be installed by a licensed technician or qualified DIYer with minimal difficulty.

Individual kits are available starting at 2 kilowatts (kW) and proceed all the way up to 11 kW. The company additionally offers free technical consulting services to ensure that the right size system is chosen and installation goes smoothly.

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