Electric Car Claims 0-to-60 MPH In 3.2 Seconds

Fans of fast cars usually take a rather dim view of electric vehicles. Seen as way too slow to pack the punch of traditional sports cars, telling a motor racing fan you just bought yourself a hybrid sounds about as impressive to them as saying you just got stabilizers fitted on your push bike.

Things are changing though. In the last few years more and more car makers have been bringing out their own hybrid or fully electric sports cars which, while they may not quite be up to Nascar speeds, are nonetheless pretty impressive.


image via Quimera

The latest green speed machine is the AEDC, a prototype developed by the Spanish firm Quimera and a British car designer Alex Letteriello.

The AEDC is an all-electric car designed to race in drifting competitions and it complies with all safety regulations. Aside from its majestic design, the car has a 0-60 mph of  3.2 seconds, making it—so its manufacturers say—one of the fastest electric vehicles on the planet.

Letteriello, the mastermind behind the project, built the car with a small and dedicated team at his base in Andover, Hampshire, for Quimera, an international project management company specializing in clean energy.

The AEDC will be racing in the first non-fossil fueled Motor Sport Championship, organized by Quimera, Formula Drift, the International Motor Sport Association (IMSA) and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). In anticipation of its racing debut, Quimera are asking for people to come up with a design to go on the bodywork of the drift car.

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  • Reply April 23, 2012


    fun lookin ride

  • Reply April 24, 2012


    But there are already electric converted cars that can accelerate faster than that. It is not the fastest. But still glad to hear more people trying electrics.

  • Reply April 26, 2012


    So one can get a speeding ticket in less than 4 seconds. Impressive.
    Lets concentrate on distance and time. Less on toys-for-(rich)-boys.

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