Solar Charger/Speaker Combo Needs A Kick Start

SoliCharger, the unique device that combines portable solar charging with external speakers, has migrated to Kickstarter, aiming to raise $15,000 and offering a charger/speaker combo (regular price: $59.95) for a $50 pledge.

You might recall this device from our story a few months ago. It can power up your cell phone even if you’re stranded on a deserted island or, more likely this time of year, stuck in your ice-fishing house in the middle of a lake miles from civilization. The battery portion runs on solar power when the sun is shining. When it isn’t, or when you’re inside where the sun don’t shine, you can charge the SoliCharger via your computer’s USB port. Or you can use a USB 110-volt charger plugged in somewhere in your home, or—if you’re not at home—you can charge the SoliCharger from your car using a USB 12-volt car adapter.


image via Kickstarter/SoliCharger

That’s a lot of charging choices, and should pretty much cover you no matter where you are.

The SoliCharger runs on a 1,500 mA (that’s milli-amperes, or one one-thousandth of an ampere) lithium-polymer battery, which can be abbreviated as Li-Polymer, Li-poly, Li-Pol, LiPo, LIP, PLI or LiP. This, lithium polymer, is the next generation of battery evolution, offering a very thin (think credit card), flexible and lightweight charging medium when compared to lithium-ion. It is also safer, but certainly not cheaper.

The speakers are stereo, for total listening enjoyment from your iPhone, iPod, cell phone, MP3 player, Sony PlayStation PSP or virtually any electronic gadget. You can tell when the device is fully charged, because a miniscule, blue, LED affixed to the solar panel lights up, and you can manage that full charge via power and speaker switches inside the durable case. Also inside the case, one each of all the adapters you are ever likely to need to charge your various electronics, from standard USB male and female to USB mini and micro, and including a 32-pin Apple. If you can’t don’t have a device the SoliCharger can energize, you need to go back to your cave!

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