Peugeot E-Bike Designed For You And Your Laptop

As long as you’re in the market for an electric bicycle, wouldn’t you rather experience the “motion and emotion” of a Peugeot? After all, the big carmaker was actually in the bike business before it ever produced a car—and its first gasoline-powered vehicle, the Peugeot: Type 2, which came equipped with a Daimler engine, was in fact known as a “quadricycle.”

The Peugeot 122 DL concept from Peugeot Cycles was developed as an urban mobility solution for those seeking “convenience and security without compromising elegance.” The e-bike is touted as nimble and compact, featuring an aluminum frame, a wood seat and leather handles and eight-speed belt transmission, as well as 20-inch wheels and an integrated leather pouch with a mesh liner designed to transport modern essentials such as a laptop.

Peugeot electric bike

image via Peugeot

A key component of that leather compartment is the fact that it locks, providing safety and security for your valuables on the mean streets of your city (provided no one steals your actual bike). This “modern leather satchel” was designed to keep your computer and documents safe and accessible without upsetting the bike’s balance on the road, ensuring that it responds dynamically while tooling around town. (The lock is housed discreetly in the bike’s frame.)

The Peugeot 122 DL was dreamed up in Peugot’s Design Lab, a department dedicated to developing “objets de rêve” (objects of dream) designed to shake up the cycling world and explore new horizons. Sold in very limited series — or, like this bike, released as a concept foreshadowing what we can expect to see in a future model from the brand — Puegeot’s Design Lab bicycles are slated to satisfy the tastes of “lovers of innovative and unique mobility.”

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    mojtaba rezvani

    May I, suggest to Peogeut Co.To make these B-U-tiful bike with solsr pannels so they would charge the Laptop when they are out and give me a free bike for my idea. If they want i, have better ideas too.But dont duplicate my idea for nothink please

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