LED Lamp’s Charm Hinges On Its Range Of Shapes

What can be extended a full 33.4 centimeters (13.14 inches), folded flat to stand no more than 1.8 cm (.75 inches) high, turned at an angle of 135 degrees, and powered on to deliver crisp, clean, energy-efficient LED light for your desk or workspace?

It’s the Be Light, from QisDesign. Sporting a unique hinge system that allows the base, stem and lamp of this fully articulated (or should I say concatenated?) slimline lighting fixture to move independently through a range of sizes, from perfectly flat and small enough to easily slide into a desk drawer, to a right angle and beyond, and all without tipping in spite of the lamp base’s modest size compared to the whole.

BE Light

imaage via QisDesign

It’s from QisDesign, so of course its clear, warm-white LED illumination is glare-free and easy on the eyes. The same can be said for its stylish shape, which is as elegant as the curve of a swan’s neck and as pleasingly counterbalanced as a cantilever deck. And when not in use, it folds up so small one could conceivably tuck it in a pocket, which might be the best solution given the generally overwhelming clutter of most desks.

Pricey? At $590 retail, according to Red Ferret, where we caught wind of the light, you bet. Still, its brushed metallic finish and strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy construction might be worth it if it’s one more thing you can clear off your desk. As for clearing out landfills, you’d be better off choosing the ergonomically styled HeronLED desk lamp made from recycled plastic and steel. Or, if recycling isn’t your first choice, consider the solar-powered, leaf shaped Greendix Lumileaf desk lamp, in which form truly does follow function to harvest direct and ambient light to power a built-in 1800 mA nickel-metal hydride battery for effective night lighting.

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