LED Downlight Downsizes — Price Tag, Too

Call them can lights, downlights or recessed lighting, when you design them with elegance and simplicity using cutting edge optical and thermal superiority, as Lighting Science Group has done with its luminaire called Glimpse, you get overhead lighting that—to hear them tell it—has no parallel in the field.

Moreover, the LED-based Glimpse will fit into most 4-inch recessed openings by simply replacing a standard (incandescent) bulb. It can also be surface-mounted to a junction box as a ceiling light. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, have so far proven to be the most energy efficient light sources available.

image via Light Science Group

Thanks to a 70 percent reduction [PDF] in the use of materials, the slimline Glimpse is a mere 2.116 inches thick—more like a tuna can than a regular can, and uses a single heatsink. This alone is a remarkable improvement, since most LEDs require several of these devices (which look, and work, like the internal fan inside a computer case or tower). For energy efficiency enthusiasts, the news that Glimpse also works with most dimmers (unlike many other LEDs) is a plus that puts Glimpse well over the top, particularly since Glimpse can be turned down to a mere 5 percent of output.

When not dimmed, the Glimpse’s slim profile provides brilliant illumination, on the order of 750 lumens WW (warm white, as opposed to CW, or cool white). This compares more than favorably to office lighting, which is typically 400 lumens per square meter. It also meets most building codes, most notably California’s highly restrictive Title 24, and the requirements for a Class B digital device under FCC codes (Part 15, Code of Federal Regulations). Glimpse is also IC rated for use in spaces where it will be in direct contact with insulation.

Operating at ambient temperatures of up to 104 degrees F (40° C), Glimpse [PDF] uses a miserly 9.5 watts yet has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, comparing more than favorably to standard (incandescent) light bulbs giving out the same amount of light but surviving at most several thousand hours. The Glimpse also offers a 5-year limited warranty, and is eco-friendly, so when you go to dispose of it sometime in the distant future, hopefully through recycling, you will not be adding toxic wastes like mercury to the environment. Lighting Science Group advises that Energy Star certification is pending.

The Glimpse is available at Home Depot for about $37, but take note: It sells there under the name Commercial Electric Disk, and only in the six-inch model. However, both the four- and six-inch Glimpse models can be tracked down through Lighting Science Group’s distributors.

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