E-Trike Offers Clean Path Through Urban Morass

The Eco E-Trike does a great job of using some relatively simple yet innovative features to make the vehicle better, like well-placed handrails, pull-out dashboard storage compartments, blind-spot side mirrors, several strategically places LEDs for better visualization and seats that feature storage underneath and that can flip around in case you’d like to face your fellow travelers.

image via Behance

As the Eco E-Trike is just a concept, the most important specifications, and perhaps our favorite as a tech site, are not listed. That’s right, no details on the motor or battery systems. So, we’ll have to speculate. To start, the current model has the motor compartment in the rear of the vehicle, as the extra space in the front would be for the driver’s legs.

The position is well and fine, but perhaps a bit small. Of course the electric vehicle wouldn’t be as heavy as a car, but it would still be carrying up to five adults at one time, needing a fairly good size propulsion system. Battery storage would have to come with that, and it would need to be larger than what the design currently calls for in order to avoid having to make frequent stops to charge. And unless there are several DC charging stations around the city, charging an electric vehicle can take a good deal of time.

Still, overall the Eco E-Trike has an innovative approach to green transportation in densely populated urban areas. And if current trends are any indication, cities across the world will only become bigger in the coming decades, and we’ll need smarter alternatives than the single-person, gasoline vehicles on the road today.

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