E-Trike Offers Clean Path Through Urban Morass

A new electric vehicle concept called the Eco E-Trike shows how designers are looking toward green solutions in order to traverse the often dense traffic found in urban areas. Conceived by Stephen Reon Francisco in Pasig, Philippines, the all-electric concept seems to be inspired by the dense city where the designer resides, and where motorized tricycles are often seen on the busy streets.

The city of Pasig is, in case you haven’t brushed up on your Southeast Asian geography lately, part of the Metro Manila region in the Philippines, one of the most populous areas in the entire world.

image via Behance

We’ve covered concepts quite a bit here at EarthTechling, and one of the things we try to do when reporting about unique designs is try to gauge the level of real-world use these potential products might have if ever fully materialized.

In terms of size and passenger space, the Eco E-Trike provides great functionality for a four person passenger transport (no including the driver) while staying relatively small—something of a necessity if you’re going to be darting in and out of rush hour traffic in a city of millions.

Not a proper car, the Eco E-Trike is an open-air vehicle, with only a single side having a cross-support structure, making it easy to get in and out quickly, but also making passengers vulnerable to accidents. Still, as the designer notes, the half-cage is probably safer than many of the motorized tricycles on the road.

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