Stunning Looking LED Light Mimics Coral Reef

Each year, the international Red Dot Award recognizes excellence in product design from companies both large and small, highlighting some of the most innovative, aesthetically pleasing and otherwise cool products from across 19 categories. One of the winners of that coveted red dot that caught our eye recently hails from the category of Lighting and Lamps – the Coral Reef LED Floor Light from Qisda Corporation of Taiwan.

One of many lighting designs inspired by the shapes of coral developed by QisDesign, Qisda’s in-house design group, this unique, thee-part floor lamp makes use of energy-efficient, cool-to-the-touch LEDs, inviting the user to twist and adjust its three tiers as needed for task or ambient lighting. The competition’s judges — which include distinguished international designers, as well as some up and coming talents — were impressed by they way the Coral Reef LED Floor Light merges an innovative use of LED technology with an organic language of form, designating it one of the “best of the best” of its 2011 winners in this category.

Coral Reef LED Light

image via Red Dot Award

Apparently, coral reefs that look like fans or pads are often bathed in a fascinating underwater scene of light and shade, due to the way that sunlight hits them from above.  Designers took that concept and ran with it, creating a language of form for this product inspired by coral reef lighting effects and re-created by three overlapping yet independently adjustable luminous elements, each of which can be rotated over a radius of 120 degrees, allowing it to be adapted easily to illuminate three different areas.

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