Green Learning Is Hands-On With Kits For Kids

As we know all too well, kids are usually a bit quicker to pick up the latest technology. Try it – just give a 3-year-old an iPhone and see what happens. Then give it to your Great Aunt Martha. Compare, contrast, and you’ll come to the above conclusion.

So it’s only natural that while the older generation is busy reading up on solar technology and this new fangled wind power, the next generation is learning through doing, thanks in part to tool like the new Terra Nova line of educational products from Fourier Education. This Israeli company develops educational technology designed to provide both teachers and students hands-on tools to learn about science, and their latest project is focused on wind and solar energy.

Terra Nova Wind Energy Kit

image via Fourier Education

While a science textbook might not be the most exciting thing to 10-year-olds, building their own solar energy system just might be. As CEO Ken Zweibel noted, “Over the last few years, there has been a sharp increase in demand among environmental science teachers for real solutions that teach renewable energy. Fourier has listened and responded with three very dynamic, hands-on Terra Nova kits that enable students to explore alternative energy technologies beyond the classroom and their impact on everyday life.”

The Terra Nova Solar Energy Kit introduces kids to the basic concepts behind solar energy and lets them build their own system using solar modules, electrical components and different configurations. The Wind Energy Kit has a powerful fan to simulate the wind, along with different wind turbines that show the connection between wind and electricity. To compare and contrast the benefits and uses for the two different types of renewable energy, there is also a combo kit available.

Angeli Duffin is a Midwest transplant currently living in San Francisco, CA. Kicking off her career doing product design and development with Fair Trade artisans around the world, she then moved on to the editorial side, writing for eBay’s Green Team blog and working as a marketing consultant for social and environmentally minded companies

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