Streetlight Illuminates The LED Future

Designers in the Netherlands have come up with what might just be the next-generation in street lighting. Called the SpeedStar BGP 323, the light is carbon neutral and uses LED technology. The streetlight was recently featured on

Royal Philips Electronics along with in-house design team Stefano Marzano + Lighting Design Team came up with the design. The shape is based on a compact, flat LED module and the lighting element needs little maintenance and can be replaced easily. This characteristic alone is said to dramatically cut the huge expense of sending out maintenance crews and equipment to service lights.

speedstar led

image via Philips

In addition to being carbon neutral, the lights are made of durable materials that are easy to recycle. The design of the streetlight is being called both elegant and sculptural and has been recognized with awards. The light won two Red Dot international design awards, for Best Product Design 2011 and Red Dot Best of the Best award.

SpeedStar LED

image via Red Dot

“SpeedStar is a step towards redressing the delicate balance between commercial efficiency, sustainability and creating a humane, urban environment,” Ramon Janssen, senior product design consultant at Philips Design, says on the Philips website.

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