LED Bulbs The Rill Thing At Dallas Aboretum

LED light bulbs aren’t just a solution for homeowners and companies who want to save energy and money. LED bulbs are being used by parks and gardens for their sleek look and lower maintenance costs. Case in point: The Dallas Arboretum recently announced that it is using LED bulbs to light its new Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill.

The area features a winding pedestrian path through two acres of Japanese maples and a babbling brook. The gardens are using ultra-efficient PAR30 LED bulbs designed by Lighting Science Group to illuminate the newly christened area. Unlike mercury vapor lamps that would typically have been used, the LED lights don’t require ballast boxes mounted to trees for their use.

Red Maple Rill, Dallas Arboretum, LED lights

image via Dallas Arboretum

Along with not having to deal with the eyesore of ballast boxes, the LED system also consumes less energy. The new lighting approach is estimated to consume only 1830 total watts, about the same as an average hairdryer. Mercury vapor lamps, meanwhile, would have sucked up 21,350 watts. As if that weren’t enough, Lighting Science Group also says its products are sustainably sourced throughout the supply chain and are entirely recyclable.

Dallas Arboretum, Red Maple Rill

image via Dallas Arboretum

“Lighting Science Group’s LED bulbs will enable thousands of Dallas area residents, students and visitors to see the gardens and the Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill, specifically in a whole new light,”  Jim Haworth, chairman and chief executive officer of Lighting Science Group, said in a statement. “Our products not only augment the natural beauty of the grounds themselves, but promote an appreciation for the applications of environmentally friendly and energy efficient design.”

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