Portable Solar Lamp Lights Up With LEDs

Just in time for the gift buying season, the folks at SunnySideUp Solar have come up with an attractive, retro inspired solar portable lamp. The light makes use of a small solar panel and LED lights and is available in limited quantities.

Creators of the light say to place it where the sun shines during the day and the light will shine anywhere from five to seven hours. A three-way switch allows options for off, auto low or auto high, so you can automatically set the light to come on when the sun goes down, or you can just turn it on when you need it.

image via etsy.com

The best part about the lamp is its portable design. It’s perfect for camping, using in the car or ¬†finding your way around in the dark. A handy string handle can be used to hang the lamp if needed or it can be replaced with a rope or ribbon.

A plexi panel in the back allows illumination through the back of the lamp as well.

Kristy Hessman is a writer and native Oregonian who currently resides in California. Before starting her own company, she worked as a reporter covering business and politics for daily newspapers and The Associated Press.

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