2011 Holiday Green Gift Shopping Guide

Editor’s Note: Our guide this year is brought to you courtesy of Splendor USA, makers of Splendor Waterless Car Care eco car washing products.


The 2011 holiday season shopping frenzy is now upon on. Whether in stores or online, everyone is out searching for that gift they feel will make the recipient grin happily upon opening it. Getting someone a green gift will also make Mother Nature grin as you make an effort to give something that has a better impact upon the environment.

In our 2011 Green Gift Shopping Guide, we’ve rounded up a mix of green tech, and non green tech, gift ideas we think your gift recipient will be most happy with. Heck, you might even keep some of these in mind for your own gift under the tree as well.

Joos Orange Solar Charger – $149

image via Solar Components

We see a lot of solar chargers come and go into mediocrity throughout the year, but one which stood out for us in a recent review we did is the Joos Orange solar charger. It is portable, does a good job at charging up your iPhone or other portable electronics and works well under decent lighting conditions. It also can take a beating and keep on ticking, which is something most other solar chargers can’t.

ThinkEco Modlet – $50

image via Think Eco

The ThinkEco Modlet is one of those simple devices designed to help you better manage your energy usage at home. It does what it does by plugging it into an existing wall outlet and then plugging in power hungry devices into it. It wirelessly communicates with a PC through a USB receiver, letting you use web-based software to view energy consumption, set timing schedules for turning the outlet on and off and more. You can add also more Modlets around the home later if you find yourself becoming an energy savings hound.

Splendor Waterless Car Care Supreme Car Care Kit – $34

image via Splendor USA

The beloved weekend chores… we all have them – but one just got a lot faster and more effective using Splendor’s waterless car care kit. This innovative product uses state of the art, environmentally friendly materials to more effectively clean, shine and protect your car. Just spray it on, and wipe it off—all without water. Splendor’s Supreme Kit includes their flagship product that cleans the vehicle body, windows, mirrors and chrome while the Protectant and Carpet Cleaner restore leather and vinyl to a soft, natural feel and clean all types of carpet and upholstery. The kit washes up to 10 vehicles and comes with its own microfiber towels and Protectant applicator. It is conveniently packaged in its own handy biodegradable tote too.

Logitech Mac Wireless Solar Keyboard – $59

Logitech, Apple, Macs, Keyboard, Solar Power

image via Logitech

Delving once more into the world of solar gadgets, we were particularly impressed earlier this year with this wireless solar keyboard for Mac owners from Logitech. We found the solar charging system for this device to be particularly effective, even indoors. It has a very nice look and is quite tactile to use, as well having a very thin profile. It is something your favorite Mac head will surely love.

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