Logitech Mac Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

Keyboards are kind of like underpants–we use them every day, but only really notice them if they’re uncomfortable (or dirty). Enter the K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac, a new offering from Logitech which feels like spun silk on the skin, has a crisp ‘n clean design, and (unlike your underpants) runs on the power of light.

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We recently got our fingertips on one and put it through some pounding to see if it could hold up to regular use while delivering the kind of performance that serious typers demand. The results were both mixed and magnificent. Read on for the full story.


The fact that the K750 for Mac is a *solar-powered* wireless keyboard implies that it might save a little energy in the long run and, by turns, a little of the planet. But is Logitech really going for a “greener” peripheral here, or is it just a marketing wash? If the minimalist packaging it comes in when you order it online is any clue, the eco-ethos behind this keyboard may be (at least a little) for real. The plain brown cardboard outer box, only slightly bigger than the device inside, is printed with a blurb touting its sleekness and recyclability.

Inside, the goods are sandwiched between four pieces of thin brown paperboard. Under the keyboard is a cloth for cleaning its solar cells as well as a wireless USB receiver for plugging into your computer. Instructions for setup are printed in pictograms on the inside of the box rather than on a separate piece of paper, further reducing waste. In fact, the only plastic in sight is a protective film that we had to peel off the keyboard before using it.

Features/General Impressions

The first thing we noticed about the K750 was its thinner-than-a-lunch-tray profile. This thing is thin (1/3 of an inch, to be exact), as a wireless keyboard should be, but has a sturdy heft and four grippy rubber feet that stick nicely to your lap, letting you lean back in your chair and revel in untethered freedom. When you get tired of typing on your lap you can deploy two tiny fold-out legs under the keyboard and prop it on your desk. Be ginger, though–we found the hinges on the legs to be a little weak and they don’t inspire a lot of confidence.

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The keys themselves are luxuriously spaced. Unlike some Mac keyboards, this one allocates a generous bit of real-estate so your hands can really spread out. Even the numeric keypad is big-buttoned and clearly marked. Our model was white with a green accent at top, but several other colors, including brushed aluminum, are available.

Two strips of photovoltaic cells are embedded at the top of the keyboard under hard shiny plastic windows. The effect is one of durability–not something you usually expect from plastic doodads of this type–but Logitech did well to make the solar cells fairly scratch-resistant. Aside from the usual function keys (more on these below), the K750 is outfitted with a tiny button that allows you to check whether your ambient light levels are sufficient to charge the manganese lithium battery inside. If they are, an LED light next to a printed smiley face glows green. If light levels are too weak to replenish the keyboard (which can run for three straight months on a full charge) then a red LED next to a frowny face will blink once. Unless you habitually use your keyboard in total darkness, though, this isn’t a big deal, as lamplight will recharge your K750 battery almost as well as sunlight.

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If you really want to geek out on the solar features of the K750, you can install a free, downloadable “Solar App” on your Mac that launches when you press the light check key. The Solar App shows how much charge you have on your battery as well as the light levels your keyboard is getting in terms of lux. We probably had a little too much fun walking from window to window, keyboard in hand, checking how many lux we could get in each corner of our office, but ultimately this app (which also shows the history of your battery use) is more for grins than for function.

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  • Reply October 15, 2011

    Louisette Lanteigne

    My hubby got me a wireless Logitech solar keyboard and they are awesome. The keyboard is flat, it has a very light click, much quieter than standard keyboards which makes it great to reduce office noise. u00a0Great ergonomics because I rest the base of my hands at the edge of my desk and type with only the fingers moving. (My hands used to cramp with the old style board). I’ve never had to recharge it. Just normal daylight does the trick and my server isn’t even in direct light and in the evening I like dim lighting and this keyboard works fine regardless. I slip it into my computer bag to use with my laptop wherever I go. Awesome technology. Highly Recommended!

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