Innovative Ray Solar Charger Needs Your Love

Product development company Quirky is trying to help bring to market the Ray, a solar-powered charger for portable electronic devices like cell phones, iPods and the like. Designed by one Brandon Craven to combat the ever-looming specter of running out of battery power, the Ray is ideal for people on the go, who can’t always find a place to plug in.

According to Greenlaunches, the Ray does not need to be outside to charge effectively, but can work well in a sunny window, meaning that devices can be charged in offices or even in the car.

Image via Quirky

The Ray’s batteries are capable of storing enough energy to fully charge a cell phone. It comes equipped with a suction cup and a collapsible kickstand that allow for a variety of positions, allowing the solar panel to capture the most sunlight, either on a flat surface or stuck on a window. The device to be charged is simply plugged in via a USB cord, which can be tucked away for storage. An LED indicator light shows the status of the charge.

Currently, the Ray measures about 2.5″ × 2.5″ × 3″, but this is subject to change in production. At the time this story went to press, Quirky noted the Ray is still in “pre-order commitments” mode, meaning once the product hits a presale threshold, it will be moved into production. The idea here is that by pre-ordering, not only do you get the Ray at a discounted price, but you also directly influence bringing an innovative design to market. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Laura Caseley is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and a resident of New York State’s Hudson Valley. She writes for several publications and when she’s not writing, she can usually be found painting in her makeshift studio or enjoying the scenery of her hometown.

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