Electric Bike Concept Powered When Stationary

A new concept bicycle from designers Byoung-soo Choi and Jun-kyeong Kim called the One Bike looks to harness the kinetic energy of a stationary bike, and use it to power an electric-bicycle.

As far as concepts go, the One Bike is stylish, and nicely presented, but in terms of functionality, there are some issues many commenters have pointed out. The bike is folded into an energy storage unit, seen in the photo below, and saves power as riders pedal at home for exercise.

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image via Yanko Design

When ready to hit the road, owners would unfold the bike from the energy unit, and set off with whatever amount of electricity had been stored when the bike was used in exercise mode. The designers were apparently only focused on the overall idea of the concept, and no specifications to compare the One Bike to other electric bicycles were made available.

The lack of range and motor details aside, commenters have found one glaring problem with the electric vehicle – no way to steer. From the image above, it looks as if the handle bars are firmly mounted to the frame of the product, and not the front wheel. Still, not a bad concept others might be able to improve on over time.

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  • Reply August 13, 2011


    A nice concept but i cant see this going into production and if it does i cant see many people buying it.nbuddy tnowner of kinetic energy

  • Reply August 14, 2011

    tuge sparkos

    Nice concept guysnThis would be a nice work of art, because when youru00a0kinetic energy is gonenyou can still peddle like a normal bike. I assume that this is also possible.nnI like to think that the stationery point would power the bike and itself. So that you canndistribute it’s energy to the grid, powering a few appliciances in your house.nAs for the comment that there is no steeringu00a0possibility’s I can see this bike steeringu00a0nI can even see that it got breaksnnGreat worku00a0Byoung-soo Choi and Jun-kyeong Kim keep creatingn

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