LED Lighting Coming From LED TV Company

Vizio is household name when it comes to LED televisions. Now, with a release announcing its entrance into a new, high-growth industry, the company apparently has plans to become a well-known LED lighting brand as well.

The new Vizio High Efficiency LED Lighting Collection will hit the market in the latter part of the fourth quarter this year. What has it got over other, more well-known LED bulb brands, such as Phillips and Osram Sylvania? According to Vizio, its new High Efficiency LEDs give off a warmer hue of light, “reminiscent of a natural source,” (we assume that means the sun, moon, or your happily-crackling fireplace).

LED light bulbs

image via MyLEDLightingGuide

All this, of course, is part of the general gold rush to manufacture energy efficient lighting options in accordance with the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act, which will require all commercially-available bulbs to be be 25% more efficient than standard incandescent lighting options by January of 2012. According to a recent market report, the LED lighting market is set to see double digit growth over the next decade, with LED lighting poised to capture a majority share in the worldwide lighting market by 2020.

Vizio’s High Efficiency LED bulbs are recyclable, do not contain mercury and are glass-free, to prohibit shattering.

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