New Eco-Charger Device Powers Everything

Electronic gadgets are great for travel but, as anyone who has taken a trip recently knows, along with with all those great gadgets comes a rat’s nest of charging adapters that take up valuable space and are often a headache to keep track of. To solve this problem, IDAPT has developed the i1 eco-charger, which we learned is now available through our friends at GreenGadgeting.

As a universal charging adapter, i1 already suggests it would be a valuable tool, but IDAPT appears to have designed the Energy Star approved device to be eco-friendly from the ground up. It’s made of recycled components and has an auto-off mechanism that, unlike standard charging adapters, won’t constantly sip power while not in use.

image via IDAPT

The i1 offers dual-charging capability. Both a USB port and interchangeable tips are active when the device is plugged in, allowing the user to charge two devices at the same time. As for power source, the i1 comes with both a car adapter and a traditional wall-outlet plug for versatility.

The i1 comes with three tips included, but additional tips are available for other devices and, as technology advances, IDAPT assures that it will keep up with the changes, keeping the i1 future proofed. The i1 retails for $24.99 and is now available at the online stores of many popular retailers.

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  • Reply June 16, 2011

    Maxie Coale

    Ahh I like this! I have a drawer dedicated to my kindle charger, ipad charger, iphone charger, camera charger and phone. So this will make traveling less bulky!

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