DIY Solar Light Project Lights Your Walkway

Solar powered garden lights are a lot of fun. Used in gardens, on patios or along pathways, these relatively inexpensive little lights lend their charm to outdoor spaces while brightening things up at night. One problem with many solar powered garden lights, however, is that they are easy to steal. With no wire attached and only dirt holding them in place, these solar accent lights are an easy target for unsavory types who think that your lights will look better in their yard than yours. ¬†Here’s a possible solution to that conundrum that just happens to be a nifty idea all on its own: a Solar Powered Walkway.

The designer of the DIY project, DepotDevoid, lays out clear instructions on how to use glass blocks, a solar panel and some LED bulbs to make a lighted walkway powered by the sun. As pictured, his pathway is a little sparse, but by doubling or tripling the number of components used, one could make a pretty elaborate pathway.

Solar Powered, Lighted Walkway
Just a couple of things to bear in mind if you decide to tackle this project. First, the designer indicates the walkway attracts neighborhood weirdos like moths to a flame. Who can blame them, though. Look at all those pretty lights in the ground!

Second, a few of the components that the designer originally used are no longer available, though the designer does point to several other options that can be used. Once the proper components are in hand, though, this project looks easy enough for anyone with a solder gun and a few spare hours to pull off.

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  • Reply July 1, 2011

    Leo Bookham

    Great idea and you are right when you suggest that traditional solar garden lights are a target for thieves.

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