Web Tool Shows California Solar Power Activity

This past Earth Day, the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) once again utilized the day’s occasion to announce a new web-based tool that allows the public to track renewable energy output.  Last year the non-profit group, which serves up electricity to 80% of Californians via its wholesale transmission grid, announced “Today’s Wind” and “Renewables Watch”-two web-based tools that allow users to track wind energy output and other renewable output totals.

This year the ISO announced “Solar Today”, another web-based monitoring tool that provides  graphic, real-time data about the solar energy output on its grid.

Solar Today Graph

image via The ISO

The ISO said it feels the tool provides transparency to the variability of solar production within each day by providing the current megawatts being generated by solar power at any given time. It also gives users some insight into the variability of solar energy output due to factors like weather conditions and provides the data within the context of energy demands on the grid in real time. In addition, the ISO has created a “conserve-o-meter” which displays the level of the grid’s energy conservation needs for a given time period.

The organization noted that is new Folsom headquarters is one of the resources contributing to the data. An onsite solar farm at its base of operations  generates about 750 kilowatts and is put  toward the facility’s daily demand through rooftop and carport photovoltaic panels.

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