Sylvania’s New LED 100 Watt Replacement

One by one, leading lighting manufacturers are rolling out LED replacements for those increasingly obsolete incandescents. The latest comes from Osram Sylvania with its new 14-watt A Line LED bulb, the Ultra A19, designed to replace the 100-watt incandescent.

According to Sylvania, the latest addition to its A-Line series produces 1,500 lumens and provides up to 86% energy savings over its incandescent counterpart.

Osram Sylvania LED A Line

image via Osram Sylvania

The Sylvania Ultra A19 will last around 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb; it comes with a with a color temperature of 2700K and a color rendering index that exceeds 80. It is suitable for use in just about any socket you may have at home, including table lamps, wall sconces and ceiling pendant lighting.

While the A19 is still in the prototype phase, Sylvania would like you to know that it is also rolling out its new UltraHigh Performance omni-directional LED A-Line Series, a fully commercialized line of LED replacements for 75, 60 and 40-watt incandescent bulbs available to retailers starting in July.

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    Patrick Mok

    VIOLED INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD (SINGAPORE) has developed our company’s 14 Watts LED A19 Light Bulb that is comparable in brightness to the 100 Watts incandescent. The product hasu00a0been in use for nearly 2 years.u00a0

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