Solar Power Highlights Your Lush Garden

With spring in the air it is probably around this time that you are busy planting things in your garden for full summer bloom. Accenting some of your more lush foliage certainly can go a long way towards making your yard even that much more pleasant to hang out in during the dog days. One clean energy way to do that might be via this solar planter spotlight.

Frontgate is selling this nifty solar gadget for around $80. For this hefty price (which is typical of Frontgate merchandise) you get a “leafy-look spiraling” device that sports four “leaf capped” LED lights attached to 12″ and 15″ flexible stems which can be manipulated somewhat to highlight your favorite plant after the sun goes down.

image via Frontgate

The lights are powered by a 4″ x 4-1/2″ remote solar panel, positioned up to 10′ away. It has an automatic on/off function and, as for exactly how long they remain on after sunset, a specific time was not mentioned. It is likely at least a few hours, though results will probably vary based upon how much solar energy was actually gathered on a given day.

The planter spotlight is made up of powder-coated, aluminum in-ground stakes that anchor each light, and the stakes are connected by a 24″ cord.

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