New Rooftop Solar To Be Germany’s Largest

We recently reported that toy and game retailer Toys “R” Us intends to install what is said will the the largest rooftop solar power project in the U.S. At an anticipated 5.38 megawatts generating capacity and spanning over 869,294 square feet , the Toys “R” Us project is truly impressive but it almost seems like child’s play in comparison to news coming out of Germany about what is expected to be that country’s largest rooftop solar array yet.

Cologne based Wattner recently announced that it has contracted the construction of a rooftop solar system that is to be placed atop the buildings of car maker Opel and that, when completed, will generate a whopping 9.2 megawatts of renewable energy for Opel’s operations.

Portland Solar Rooftop

image via Portland General Electric

The project involves using five of Opel’s roofs for about 40,000 solar modules and 500 inverters which are said will feed energy directly into Opel’s corporate grid. Wattner says that, because the energy will be fed directly into Opel’s production facilities, it avoids the energy loss typically associated with cable routing.

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