Wireless Solar Charger Drops the Adapter

Here at EarthTechling, we love solar chargers, but even the most sophisticated ones we’ve seen charge through a USB port or a complicated assortment of adapter tips designed to fit different phones. Which is why the Leaf solar charger concept design from Joel Lim YM of Singapore really stands out from the crowd.

This unique design uses a unique contact charging panel, which employs the principle of magnetic induction to charge devices wirelessly. Contained within the contact charging pad are a matrix of charger coils that generate an alternating magnetic field; this field apparently penetrates your electronic gadget to recharge its battery, regardless of model or make, with no charger connection or tips required.

Leaf Solar Charger

image via Joel Lim YM

The Leaf works by using a 2.0 watt capacity solar panel to charge up in the sun, fully recharging its own internal battery with seven hours of direct sunlight. Once the handy light-up indicator shows the charger at full capacity, just flip the device over, and place your phone (or other portable electronic gadget) on the wireless charging pad. A few hours later, it will be recharged and ready to go.

This seems like a great idea for the lazy green lifestyle–an off-grid charger that requires almost no effort. Who knows how much it costs to build that contact charging pad, though; we have the feeling it can’t be cheap!

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  • Reply April 4, 2011


    How is this green? A phone only uses a few pennies of electricity for a charge. This item probably costs more than the plug-in charger, and obviously a great deal of energy was used to make it.

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