Is This The Better Floating Solar Panel?

After almost four years since first introducing its floating solar technology, SPG Solar has announced its next generation of floating solar solutions which it calls Floatovoltaics. SPG Solar says its new technology has been redesigned and engineered to be more cost competitive and thinks the Floatovoltaics will appeal to commercial, industrial and government users who are short on rooftop or land space for solar projects.

Other than its floating design, the solar power system is similar to conventional photovoltaics. It simply does the job while sitting atop water instead of taking up real estate on dry land. SPG thinks the system will be of particular interest to agribusinesses, water agencies, and wastewater treatment facilities.

SPG Floating Solar

image via SPG Solar

SPG points out that that floating solar can have some unique environmental benefits in situations where water is at a premium by contributing to conservation efforts. The manufacturer claims the product can reduce evaporation by up to 70%, improve water quality by providing coverage from the sun, thereby minimizing algae growth and reducing the need for any harsh water treatment chemicals. Plus, the panel’s shading effect lowers water temperature and, in turn, the cool water aids in improving power output from the solar panels.

The concept of floating solar is, in varied forms, getting international attention. Australia and India have partnered on a floating concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar solution meant to be used in conjunction with hydro-electric dams and we’ve seen an Israeli and French company partnering on another flavor of floating CPV, too.


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    This is cool , but what Happens when the snow flies and thye water freezes?

  • Reply May 17, 2011


    u00a0@d6241502832383402e8a208aab587f5e:disqusu00a0I think that they are prepared for that. The panels are installed at a tilted position, so the snow has a tendency to slide through it.u00a0nHaving this great amount of solar panel would give a lot of energy. More energy more benefits.nnGreat post by the way.

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