Solar Powered Bike Light a Bright Idea

Bike enthusiasts (and even non-enthusiasts) will want to check out these slick, USB 2.0, solar-charged biking lights from bicycling accessory maker Blackburn which we recently noticed at The Red Ferret.

A built-in feature of the light is that it can be recharged via USB. Add to that Blackburn’s USB solar charging panel, and you’ve got yourself some green bicycle gear that can really go places.

Flea USB 2.0

image via Blackburn

The Flea 2.0 USB front light packs four super-bright white LED lights that can put out a decent 40 lumens at its brightest setting. The USB rechargeable battery can keep the LEDs flashing for up to five hours on a charge or on a steady beam for up to three hours. It’s just 17 grams in weight and available in six colors (we like green the best, naturally).

Blackburn’s Flea USB 2.0 rear light, meanwhile, also uses four really bright LEDs but will last you a little longer before it needs a recharging-12 hours flashing, 6 hours steady. Both come with an LED “power meter” to keep riders informed on when a charging will be needed.

The lights are available individually or in different combinations. Each light runs about $30.00 retail as does the solar charger, but with a combo deal it looks like all three pieces can be had for around $70.00.

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