Yes, Solar Panel Washing Services Do Exist

There are services that will trim your trees, mow your lawn and even scoop your doggie doo. So why not a service that will clean your solar panels for you?

Solar Maid is just such a service– “the fastest growing service business in the world“–and it recently announced it will be opening its 41st location in an office building in New Jersey. This is a strategic move, as New Jersey is currently the second largest solar state in the nation, thanks to strong renewable energy legislation at the state level.

Solar Maid Logo

image via Solar Maid

Solar Maid started way back in 2003, but didn’t take off until 2008, when solar gained a foothold as a mainstream power source worldwide. The company now has locations across the USA, Canada and Europe, catering to developers, utilities and private system owners.

According to the company, system managers in New Jersey–until now–have been relying on “fly-by-night contractors” to help maintain their high value solar assets. Solar Maid claims a point of distinction over other service companies in that it has developed an industry standard that has been effectively applied in locations around the globe.

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