Students Build Solar Powered Fountain

Green is in at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, an ever-present aspect of the curriculum flowing from the school’s stated commitment “to continue to learn how to live responsibly and justly on our campus and in our communities.” The latest in a string of environmentally friendly student projects: a solar-powered fountain designed and constructed by an Introduction to Engineering class. Makes you wonder what the advanced engineers might come up with.

According to the university, the fountain – noted recently on – “has a handcrafted waterwheel that uses hydropower.” The students were aided by SolarWorld, the Oregon-based company that has operations in nearby Camarillo. SolarWorld donated a 245-watt module for the project.

Solar-powered fountain, Cal Lutheran students

image via California Lutheran University

In the last few years, Cal Lutheran students have completed that encourage classmates to reduce their carbon footprint, done research into sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, and introduced biodegradable packaging and organically grown food on campus.

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