Solar Panels Inch Closer To Top Of World

10 megawatts of solar power capacity at a very high elevation? That’s the word from OSolar, which has announced the successful installation of a utility-scale, single-axis tracking solar installation in Lhasa, Tibet.

The project, which was commissioned by Longyuan (Beijing) Solar Engineering Technology, is located at at 4,300 meters (11,107 feet), reportedly making it the highest grid connected solar power system in the world. Wang Yao, General Manager of Longyuan Solar, noted that the system was designed to be extremely stable under harsh operating conditions and circumstances.

Llasa Tracking Solar Project OSolar

image via OSolar

Why a tracking system, rather than fixed-tilt? According to OSolar, this single-axis tracking system will deliver an estimated 20% more annual energy per kW than a fixed tilt PV system–making the most of the Lhasa’s high-altitude sun, presumably, when it’s not blocked by the mountains.

OSolar said it has already implemented a variety of PV solutions totaling over 100MW worldwide, including Asia’s largest single-axis PV power plant (24MWp) in Korea and global projects in Japan, China, and the USA. Currently, it is carrying over 2,000MW of worldwide pipeline within next 3 years, including USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India and China.

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    nice, very nice. but research has shown that the most efficient power capture system in the world is the humble green leaf plant. In any case, there are the problems of disposal of these panels 10 years on. Has Osolar catered for it?
    the best idea is to reduce power requirement as much as possible.

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